Island RIBs supplies new Suzuki DF200APX petrol outboard engine

Island RIBs are one of the first UK boat manufacturers to supply the new lightweight, high performance Suzuki DF200APX four cylinder petrol outboard engine

At only 226KG, the DF200APX is 30kg lighter than Suzuki’s comparable V6 model but this weight saving has been achieved without a reduction in power or performance. In fact the DF200APX offers the best power to weight ratio in its class.
Other key features include outstanding fuel efficiency from Suzuki’s Lean Burn Control System. This is an intelligent fuel delivery system that achieves remarkable improvement in fuel consumption. The system predicts fuel needs through real-time monitoring of engine performance and operating conditions then delivers a leaner fuel mixture to the engine producing fuel saving benefits over the engine’s wide operating range, which includes the cruising range where the engine is used a majority of the time.

The DF200APX has a final drive ratio of 2.50:1, the largest in its class. This delivers powerful torque for quick acceleration and higher top end speed.

Selective rotation enables the same engine to operate in either regular or counter-rotation mode fiving market-leading versatility.

A first in the marine industry, the DF200APX benefits from Suzuki’s Keyless Start System. When the key-fob is within one metre of the console, the user simply turns on the ignition system switch and starts the engine with the push of a button. The key remains in the user’s pocket. The system offers simple, stress-free operation while reducing the risk of a lost key and makes for an excellent theft deterrent since the outboard will not start without the proper fob.