Island RIBs featured in Seahorse Magazine

Island RIBs welcomed Seahorse Magazine to have a look around our workshops and sea trial the Island 7.5m. The full article can be found in the August 2019 edition of Seahorse.

“Island RIBs know how to build RIBs extremely well. Managing director Alex Cottle is an engineer with a meticulous eye for detail, uncompromising focus on quality and well thought-out designs that culminate in a range of boats that are different from most run-of-the-mill production units.

Many Island RIBs have gone into the yacht tender and chase boat market. Recently two were sold to the British Antarctic Survey and will be used at the Rothera research station for scientific survey work, diving and crew and equipment transport. Island RIBs’ 7m series craft are type tested to MCA cat. 3 (R), allowing commercial operators to work up to 20 miles from a safe haven. This is the maximum category possible for an open boat.

Island RIBs’ hull design gives a dry and smooth ride thanks to a high bow, deep forefoot and, very importantly, weight distribution. This is a key factor in their design. Fixed seating is centred around and astern of the longitudinal centre of gravity. Fuel tank and console positions are adjusted to suit the engine specification, so each boat performs and handles in the same manner. The helmsman can be confident that the boats’ performance will be altered little by additional crew or cargo weight – even when travelling at speed in open water.

Recently in the Solent, we encountered steep confused seas due to a force six westerly. The 7.5 metre model we were in had a total displacement of 1.4 tonnes including helmsman and passenger, 150 kilos of fuel, powered by a 200 hp four stroke Suzuki outboard. The ride was smooth and dry motoring directly into the short choppy seaway and even better at an angle of 45 degrees both into and off the wind…. ” Read the full article to find out more.