Island RIBs apprentice to become Lloyd’s Register Foundation 100A1 Ambassador

Island RIBs apprentice Lewis Wilde

Congratulations to Island RIBs apprentice Lewis Wilde who has been invited to become a Lloyds Register Foundation 100A1 Ambassador.

The Lloyd’s Register Foundation is the global charity of the Lloyds Register. The Foundation officially launched its ambassador programme on 26th April 2017 with the initial appointment of thirty-five ambassadors, most of whom are leading figures of industry and academia. The role of the ambassadors is to promote the work of the Lloyd’s register foundation, which aims to enhance the safety of life and property and advance public education in these areas.

As a 100A1 ambassador, Lewis may be invited to represent the foundation at events such as functions, exhibitions, talks and visits. His initial appointment is for three years.

The name of the programme reflects the history of the 1870 100A1 was introduced as the highest classification in the Lloyd’s register Rules and Regulations which lay down the standards for construction and maintenance of ships. The 100A1 classification is still used today. 100 signifies the ship is suitable for seagoing service, A means the ship is constructed or accepted into LR class and maintained in good condition, and 1 means the anchoring and mooring equipment is good and efficient.